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Hope College offers a competitive benefit plan that promotes our employees’ health and wellbeing, work-life balance and financial stability.

Eligibility for benefits is based on hours scheduled to work in the college's fiscal year (July 1–June 30).

Full-time employee
>.75 FTE (1,560+ hrs)

Part-time employee
.5-.74 FTE (1,000-1,559 hrs)

Part-time regularly scheduled employee
<.49 FTE (<999 hrs)

All Benefits*
(*some positions have exceptions as outlined in BAAG below)

Benefits At A Glance Brochure

INVEST Retirement Plan
Paid Holidays (staff)
Wellness Program
On & Off Campus Offers for Employees

Paid Holidays (staff)
Wellness Program
On & Off Campus Offers for Employees


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) adminsters Hope College's self-insured preferred provider organization (PPO) health insurance plan. BCBSM provides a network of local, national and international providers. Currently 100% of Michigan hospitals and approximately 95% of providers in the West Michigan area participate in the BCBSM network. This access provides our employees with great options for their health care needs.

provider Information


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Prescription Drugs/Rx

CVS/Caremark administers Hope College's self-insured pharmacy benefit and provides both a retail pharmacy network and mail-order option for member's prescription drug needs. Employees and their family's coverage is automatic with their Medical Plan election (Blue or Orange) and coverage is dependent on that plan's design.

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PrudentRx Co-Pay Program for Specialty Drugs
Monday - Friday, 8a-8p, ET
Optional $0 copay program for employee assistance with specialty drugs expense.
VIEW 2023–24 prescription drug plans at a glance & Employee premiums 



Blue Dental (division of BCBSM) provides Hope College's dental insurance plan. Blue Dental provides a network of local and national providers. West Michigan has approximately 75 in-network providers.

provider information


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EyeMed provides Hope College's vision insurance plan. EyeMed provides a network of local and national providers. West Michigan has approximately 50 providers in network.

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plan at a glance

summary of benefits and coverage Vision BAAG
employee premiums (per pay 2x/mth)

Single: $4.98
Double: $9.45
Family: $13.88

Flexible Spending and Health Savings

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Resources and forms

child / dependent care

Flexible Spending Child/Dependent Care accounts are avenues to set aside pre-tax money for out-of-pocket dependent care expenses. Eligibility for Child/Dependent Care FSA is not dependent on your health insurance election.

medical plans

Flexible Spending Medical and Health Savings accounts are avenues to set aside pre-tax money for out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision and other health related expenses. Limited Purpose Flexible accounts are available for ONLY out-of-pocket dental and vision expenses of HSA participants.  Eligibility for Medical FSA and HSA/LPFSA accounts are dependent on your health insurance election. 

medical tax savings plan comparison

Eligibility Must be enrolled in traditional health plan (college's Blue or similar plan) Must be enrolled in a high deductible health plan (college's Orange Plan only) Must be enrolled in HSA
normal Provisions

Use-it-or-lose-it with $570 carryover (2023) and $610 (2024) only

Roll-over annually, no use-it-or-lose-it rule

Use-it-or-lose it with $570 carryover (2023) and $610 (2024) only

Maximums $3,050 (per benefit year)

Single: $4,150* (per calendar year)

Double/Family: $8,300* (per calendar year)

*if aged 55+, an additional contribution of $1,000 is allowed.

$3,050 (per benefit year)
medical plan Eligible Expenses Dental & Vision Expenses Only
Reimbursement process & to Monitor/check balance
Option to Change Amount during Benefit Year Not applicable unless eligible for Special Enrollment (see Benefit Changes section) Not applicable unless eligible for Special Enrollment (see Benefit Changes section)


Hope College provides a retirement plan called "INVEST" to all eligible (scheduled to work 1,000+ hours annually) employees after one year of employment. The college contributes, on a per-pay basis, an amount equal to 10.5% of an employee's base salary. Employees may also contribute, either pre-tax or post-tax (ROTH), on a voluntary basis. Vesting (ownership) is 100% upon participation. Participants may direct the College contribution into a variety of investment alternatives.

provider information

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(legacy provider prior to October 1, 2013)



Life Insurance

Hope College provides term life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance coverage for our employees, at no cost to the employee, equal to one-and-one-half times annual salary. The benefit amount is reduced at age 65 and again at age 70 if still actively employed. Employees may also purchase additional Voluntary Life Insurance, at group rates, post tax, via payroll deduction.

SunLife Group Policy #952772

Employer-Paid Term Life and AD&D Insurance

Employee-Paid Voluntary Term Life Insurance




Tuition Waiver

Tuition Waiver benefits are available for employees, their spouses and children. Eligible programs include on-campus courses as well as several off-campus programs. Additionally, Hope College participates with a waiver program within the Great Lakes College Association.   



  STAFF (hourly & Administrative) faculty
employee taking classes on campus (One course per semester maximum) 100% waiver (after one-year employment) 100% waiver (immediate eligibility)
employee's spouse and Children (natural and adopted children until the age of 30 and dependent stepchildren until the age of 25) up to 10 semesters max. 10% waiver for each year of employee's service up to maximum of 100%, less financial aid, of courses taken on Hope College campus.

Once 100% waiver earned, eligible also for the waiver remission program for dependents at schools within Great Lakes College Association () (up to eight semesters maximum).
100% waiver, less financial aid, of courses taken on Hope College campus.

Immediate eligibility also for the waiver remission program for dependents at schools within Great Lakes College Association () (up to eight semesters maximum).

Paid Benefit/Leave Time

Holidays & Campus Shut Down

NOTE: Employees working shifts other than M–F should contact their supervisor for revised holiday calendars.


Floating Holiday Employee selects, no carryover allowed
New Year's Day Monday, January 1
Good Friday Friday, March 29
Memorial Day Monday, May 27
Independence Day Thursday, July 4
bonus holiday Friday, July 5
Thanksgiving Thursday–Friday, November 28–29
Christmas Eve Tuesday, December 24
Christmas Wednesday, December 25
Campus Shut-Down December 23, 26-31

Policies per employment status:

Jury Leave
Funeral/Bereavement Leave
Sick Pay, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

Hope College provides financial assistance for absences due to illness, hospitalization, surgery or other medical condition. The benefit is composed of three components: Sick, Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability.


Hope College Human Resources Office (self-administration of sick and short-term disability)

Sunlife Insurance (long-term disability provider effective July 1, 2022)


  Hourly Faculty and Administrative staff
Sick pay Earned on an accrual basis at the rate of 40 hours per year. Balance reflected in Leave Balance on plus.hope.edu employee secure log-in. (policy) Regular pay for work missed due to illness. (policy)
Short-Term Disability (for surgeries and illnesses requiring >3 days absence as well as maternity leave) 
FMLA applies
60% of normal rate of pay for medically necessary leave, up to 26 weeks. (policy) 100% wage continuation for medically necessary leaves, up to 26 weeks. (policy)
Long-term disability (available after six months continuous disability) 60% of base monthly earnings (up to $6,000 max). (policy) 60% of base monthly earnings (up to $6,000 max). (policy)
long-term disability buy-up (additional employee cost) An additional 10% LTD coverage, for total of 70% (up to $7,500 max.), may be purchased.   An additional 10% LTD coverage, for total of 70% (up to $7,500 max.), may be purchased.   
Summary of benefits & buy-up cost formulas Core and Buy-Up FT Faculty & Administrative (Classification  1 & 2) and Hourly (Classification 3 & 4)

Certificates Core with Buy-Up FT Faculty & Administrative (Classification 1 & 2) and Hourly (Classification 3 &4)
Non-Medical FMLA, Other Unpaid Leaves, and Parental Leave



Hope College Wellness seeks to inspire, educate and promote healthy living for the faculty and staff in our community. We desire to create a culture that has an excellent quality of life by addressing the whole person — body, mind and spirit. For more details and current classes and education opportunities:

Visit our wellness website 

On Campus & Community Offers for Employees

Human Resources receives special discount information and opportunities for our employees. While we do not endorse any particular off-campus company, we want to share the potential discounts and group rates available to you. You will be required to show a valid Hope College Faculty/Staff ID.


 Vision & Hearing

Banking Institutions

Health & Wellness

  • Ideal Bodywork Massage LLC - $5 off one hour massage with Hope ID
  • — 10% off membership of your choice:
    1) Pure Lifestyle — $140/month (unlimited access to classes; cancel anytime with no fee), or 
    2) Pace Yourself (4 Pack/Month) — $70/month (4 classes per month, classes do not carry over, cancel anytime with no fee).
  • MVP Fitness Center
  • Orangetheory (visit for current classes)
  • Velo City Cycles


  • (discount program for hotel, car, entertainment, etc. offered through Ulliance EAP provider) NOTE: Using this link will connect this program directly through Ulliance, simply register by using your Hope email address.


Adoption Reimbursement Benefit

In order to assist families with the cost of adoption, Hope College will provide reimbursement for adoption expenses up to the actual cost or current benefit amount.



Walk to Work


Employee Assistance Program

The Ulliance Life Advisor EAP® is an employer sponsored benefit for employees that offers total well-being services to employees, spouse/live-in partner and dependents through the age of 26 at no cost to the employee and is 100% confidential.  Services include counseling, coaching, crisis intervention, resources and more.  To access your benefit or to learn more, contact your Life Advisor Consultant at 1.800.448.8326 or visit LifeAdvisorEAP.com.    


  • ®
  • 1.800.448.8326