/ Sponsored Research and Programs

Award Notification & Acceptance

Received a notification about an award? Congratulations! With the award notification, be prepared to provide additional information. 

Step 1: Contact OSRP

Once you learn your project will likely be selected for funding, contact the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (sponsoredresearch@hope.edu), to initiate the award review and acceptance process.

This may include updating/reviewing current and pending support documents, preparing updates to the budget/budget justification and providing other pre-award review materials at the request of the program officer, administrative official or other individual.

Step 2: Provide compliance documentation
If your project involves the use of human subjects, animals or recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules, we will likely need to provide the approval to the agency prior to release of the award documents.
Step 3: Review your award materials

Once the official award materials are received, carefully review the materials to verify the following information:

  • Is your contact information correct?
  • Is your project title correct?
  • What are the reporting requirements (annual, final, other)?
  • Are there any budget restrictions on your project?
  • Do press releases or other marketing materials associated with your project require review prior to public dissemination?
  • What are your responsibilities for sharing project data and/or publications arising from your project?

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs will also contact you to review and certify elements of the award that you must acknowledge and approve.

Step 4:听Revise your budget and scope of work

Did your award reduce your budget? If so, carefully consider the impact on the project. A reduction of your budget should also include a corresponding reduction in your project scope of work.

You may skip this step if you received the full amount of your request.

Step 5: Sign and submit acceptance documents
Once all compliance materials have been provided, the award documents reviewed and acknowledged, and an updated scope of work is provided (only if budget has been reduced), the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs will sign and submit the award materials to the sponsor.
Step 6: Notifying Business Services

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs will notify Business Services of your award and provide a copy of the award documents, your original proposal, any modifications to the original scope of work and the final, approved budget.

You will be contacted with your fund number after your award has been transitioned to Business Services for post-award financial support.