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Student Organizations

CDI provides advisory support to multicultural student groups on campus to support their success and sense of belonging.

Asian Student Union (ASU)听

The Asian Student Union (ASU) mission is to help establish a community for Asian, Asian-American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community members to be empowered and united on Hope鈥檚 campus. ASU events are intended to promote awareness and provide support for the history, culture, experiences and perspectives of AANHPI individuals as well as acknowledging the issues faced by the community. ASU is responsible for providing a safe place for AANHPI students to come together and celebrate each other's differences.


Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU LogoBSU facilitates interaction and heightens awareness of African American history and culture within the Hope College and Holland communities. It works to unite the community by providing educational experiences through speakers, dialogues and social functions.

Motto: Building Strength through Unity

Center for Diversity and Inclusion-Led Groups

鈥淏uilding leaders through community鈥

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion sponsors the Men鈥檚 Enrichment Network. 

Men's Enrichment Network (MEN)

This is a group leadership and mentoring program for male-identifying students of color. A male professional from various sectors (business, law, education, medicine, etc.) comes in every so often to share his professional journey with students and encourage them personally and professionally. Male students tend to be less engaged than female students; however this program has increased the sense of belonging and community among male students of color. We have tried several outreach efforts in the past, but this program has been the most impactful and we expect it to continue to grow. 

Hope Advocates for Invisible Conditions (HAIC)

Four HAIC executive board members on the porch of the Keppel House

HAIC logoHope Advocates for Invisible Conditions raises awareness and advocates for invisible conditions and disabilities across the Hope College community. Club meetings and events address current issues in the disability and invisible condition community. HAIC provides a supportive community for students with invisible conditions and/or disabilities. HAIC events are open to all students, regardless of whether or not they have an invisible condition/disability.

Latino Student Organization (LSO)

LSO logoLSO promotes an understanding of the Latino culture in the Hope College and Holland communities by introducing others to the richness of various Latino cultures through activities and programs.

Pan-African Student Association (PASA)

The mission of the Pan African Student Association is to promote the political, social, economic and cultural welfare of PASA students in the Hope College community. PASA will foster a collaborative dialogue and relationship with the administration of Hope College and the greater 六和合彩开奖记录 community.


Prism logoPrism is dedicated to the support and empowerment of the queer community at Hope College. Thus Prism is determined to provide safe and affirming spaces for LGBTQ identifying individuals and their allies in order to foster community, celebrate and understand queerness, and grow in allyship and advocacy. We intend to devote our efforts to supporting and empowering the queer community at Hope College, as well as the greater Holland community.

LGBTQ+ resources 

Women of Color United (WOCU)

Women of Color United logoThis is a group leadership and mentoring program for female-identifying students of color. A female professional from various sectors (business, law, education, medicine, etc.) comes in from time to time to share her professional journey with students and encourage them personally and professionally. One highlight include partnering with the political science department to take a group of 25 students to Chicago to see the play Hamilton, an extraordinary musical about the founding father Alexander Hamilton. This will be a life-long memorable experience for students, a true highlight of their experience at Hope.

  • Spiritual Enrichment
  • Academic Success
  • Informal Mentorship
  • Leadership Development
  • Social and Cultural Engagement