Welcome! We鈥檙e so glad you鈥檝e made Hope College your home away from home.

Our international students are an integral part of Hope鈥檚 population, adding to the vibrant student life our campus embodies. We鈥檝e accepted students from other countries for almost as long as 六和合彩开奖记录 has been around 鈥 in fact, the graduating class of 1879 was one-third international.

Since then, we鈥檝e opened the doors to exchange students from partner institutions, in addition to students seeking a degree directly from Hope. We鈥檙e also a popular destination for Third Culture Kids (TCKs) 鈥 a term referring to children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents鈥 for a significant part of their upbringing.

sbd-groupServices and Activities

The Center for Global Engagement offers a variety of programs and activities to make you feel at home on our campus. Whether welcoming you to campus during our international and TCK orientation, guiding you through immigration matters, exploring the great state of Michigan or celebrating your culture through IMAGES: A Reflection of Cultures or the International Food Fair, we work hard to help you integrate into campus and provide you a home away from home. Getting fully immersed in the Hope experience is a great way to engage American culture, make new friends and enhance your educational experience beyond the classroom.

Events Calendar

Curious about what鈥檚 happening on campus? Take a look at our 鈥 you鈥檒l find up-to-date information on activities for international and TCK students, as well as campus-wide events. Whenever an event is hosted by the Center for Global Engagement, we鈥檒l send you an email with information and a chance to RSVP.

Prospective Students

Interested in studying at Hope? Learn about the admissions process for international students.

Admitted Students

Congratulations 鈥 you鈥檝e been accepted at Hope College. Find out more information regarding your arrival on our campus, orientation, the International Family Orientation, host families and more on the admitted students page.

Current Students

Search the events and activities calendar and find information on maintaining your immigration status on the current students page.

What Students Are Saying

John Kim

John Kim鈥淭he most valuable aspect of my experience at Hope is the relationships that I have been able to form through classes, extracurricular activities, fellowship, etc. I鈥檓 thankful for the mentorship opportunities I have received through the Department of Education, Campus Ministries and The Center for Global Engagement.鈥
鈥擩ohn Wujin Kim, South Korea/Thailand

Isabel Lopez

Isabel Lopez鈥溋秃喜士奔锹 experience can be a rollercoaster (in a good way)! Especially when it鈥檚 your first time leaving your own country! It can really be overwhelming sometimes but there are so many good people at the Fried Center for Global Engagement and even in the international student community ready to lift you up! I am so grateful for Hope College because it gave me the opportunity to learn about other people鈥檚 cultures. Because we are a small international student community we tend to be very tight and welcoming of each other, and because of that I got to expand my culture knowledge and fall in love with other cultures! Only we know what it is like to move so far away from home, and because of that we are the best people to turn to when you鈥檙e feeling homesick. I love my international community, and I thank Hope College for that!鈥
Isabel Lopez, Honduras

Joshua Miller

Josh Miller鈥淲hen I came to Hope, I was excited but was not really sure what to expect. My time here at Hope has lived up to all of my expectations and the international community was crucial to that. The staff who assist the international students in the transition do a great job both helping create community among international students as well as helping students feel comfortable in a different culture and setting.鈥
鈥擩oshua Miller, USA, Switzerland, Czech Republic

Marvellous Ogudoro

Marvellous Ogudoro鈥淭ransitioning to college is definitely an interesting journey to make, but being over 5,000 miles away from home puts an entirely new spin on things. As an international student from Nigeria, studying at Hope College required me to have a lot of first time experiences, the most significant of those being that my freshman year was my first time in the United States. My successful transition was, however, supported by the fantastic community I was fortunate to have in Michigan, USA. Between my friends, professors, host family, mentors and the wonderful staff at the Fried office for Global Engagement, I was warmly supported with regard to my academic and non-academic needs even before arriving on campus. The support these individuals have shown me has made all the difference in my transition, and I am now happy to call Hope College my home away from                                                                    away.鈥
鈥擬arvellous Ogudoro, Nigeria

Marianna Urdaneta

Marianna Urdaneta鈥淭he Fried Center for Global Engagement is a key contributor to every international and TCK student鈥檚 Hope College experience. From the get-go, there is a sense of familiarity and connection that is honed by the staff and upperclassmen. As international orientation unfolds, many friendships and unbreakable bonds are created among the freshman class. The staff really achieves creating a home away from home for everyone and they make it known how much they care by checking in and helping out when needed. The International Student Lounge in Martha Miller Center almost feels like a sanctuary because it is a place where everyone is welcome鈥 when life gets overbearing and you need some familiarity and understanding, that is clearly the place to go. My experience at Hope would never have been the same without my          international community, and the CGE staff and the events they organize like Orientation, IMAGES and the international food fair, among many others."
鈥擬arianna Urdaneta, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico

Sunnie Yutong Zou

Sunnie Yutong Zou鈥淭he Fried Center for Global Engagement has truly made Hope become 鈥榟ome away from home.鈥 All of the staff are very supportive in that they are always there for all the international and TCK students. This is something that I have never expected prior to my arrival to Hope. Whenever I want to seek advice for life or academic issues, all of the staff have been very helpful! They are the sweetest people in the world and they are always there to cheer me up, whether it is my birthday or my research conference. Their doors are always open to all of us. Also, the international and TCK community are truly a family and a special friend group that you can count on. No matter how many friends I have made after Orientation, these international friends that I first encountered are brothers and sisters that always have my back. Whether you feel nervous or excited about coming to Hope, the Center for Global Engagement will help you smoothen your transition into your college life. GO HOPE!鈥
鈥掷unnie Yutong Zou, China