Would you like to learn to use your creative and technical skills to solve a wide variety of problems and make an impact on the world?  If so, studying computer science at 六和合彩开奖记录 is for you.

Our committed faculty is dedicated to developing students who have the depth of knowledge to solve the most challenging technical problems while also having the broad knowledge base fostered by a liberal arts education and sought after by industry and graduate schools alike.

A key component of our educational philosophy is to help students become professionals ready to adapt to the rapid pace of change in the tech world, while giving them a strong foundation in the enduring core principles of the discipline.

As a computer science student at Hope, you will:

  • Be taught by faculty members who know you and work hard to provide the best education available, tailored as much as possible to your particular interests and talents
  • Have opportunities to further your classroom experiences through independent study and research, as well as through many internship opportunities
  • Enjoy strong relationships with other students in the department, with many peer-learning opportunities that supplement direct access to faculty
  • Be provided with all of the equipment and tools you鈥檒l need to meet and exceed your potential

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