/ Frost Center for Data and Research

Data Governance

Data governance guides the availability, usability, integrity and security of data at Hope College.

It includes policies (how data is gathered, stored, processed and disposed of), access, and compliance (to industry association, government agency and other standards).

Data Governance Steering Committee

  • Donald Friesner, Chair 鈥 Director of Institutional Research
  • Carl Heideman 鈥 Director of Process and Innovation
  • Carol De Jong 鈥 Registrar
  • Nate Haveman 鈥 Vice President of Admissions
  • Jill Nutt 鈥 Director of Financial Aid 
  • Sara Dorer 鈥 Director of Human Resources
  • Peter Folkert 鈥 CIT Liaison

Data Stewards

Hope College鈥檚 data stewards are appointed by respective departments to put established data governance policies into action and are responsible for managing defined segments of institutional data within their functional areas. Each data steward has membership in the committee of data stewards that collaboratively maintains accurate institutional data models and the Data Dictionary that incorporate institutional data across the college鈥檚 functional areas.

Department/Office Data Steward
Admissions Meredith Phillips
Financial Aid Stephanie Forrest
Registrar Stephanie Schultz
Business Services Cameron Butler
Provost Krista Deur
Philanthropy and Engagement  Kim Salisbury
Computing and Information Technology Kris Witkowski
Computing and Information Technology Holly Markel
Athletics Jamie Dewitt
Student Development/Residential Life and Housing Julie Dalman
Frost Center for Data and Research Donald Friesner
Human Resources Sara Dorer
Department of Education Lori Schneider