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Filming on Campus Guidelines

These guidelines exist to assist outside companies considering or requesting the use of any part of the Hope College campus for a film project.   

Minimum Standards

The following minimum standards must be met for any filming to be considered at Hope College.

  1. May not be rated higher than PG-13.
  2. May not contain any nudity or partial nudity (even in scenes not shot at Hope College), offensive language or scenes that are overtly sexual in nature.
  3. No firearms or simulated firearms are allowed on campus at any time.
  4. Must contain material consistent with the college mission.
  5. Anything filmed at Hope College may only be used for the approved production. The film may not be kept for use in other films or as stock footage.

Information Needed

If these minimum standards are met, 六和合彩开奖记录 is open to discussing options with companies interested in using Hope鈥檚 facilities. To assist in that process, the following information is needed:

  1. Timeframe: In order to avoid distractions from the academic mission, Hope College will only consider filming projects which occur during the summer recess (approximately early May to early August). Approximate length of filming time, in terms of hours of the day and duration of filming, is needed.
  2. Technical Needs: List any technical needs, including power and equipment.
  3. Staffing: List which Hope College staff may be needed to assist in the production, including security, technical staff or other personnel. Please be aware that Hope College may require staff to be present at the expense of the film company.
  4. Space: List of type and number of spaces needed.
  5. Insurance: All outside companies must provide a $1 million certificate of insurance.
  6. Film summary: Please provide a written plot of the film, expected rating and note any issues that may need to be addressed prior to approval.
  7. Permits: Companies are responsible for obtaining all necessary city permits.
  8. Damage: Companies will be billed for any damage to Hope College property, in addition to rental costs.

Application Process

All requests should be submitted to the Hope College Director of Events, Conferences, and the Haworth Hotel at least 30 days prior to the first day of filming. Once the items listed above are received, the material will be shared with different departments, and a decision will be made.