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Expense and Resource Stewardship Policy


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  Operating Budgets Endowed Professorship Funds Departmental Discretionary Funds Professional Development Funds
Fund Number Structure 18NNN


Where does this money come from? Student tuition, gifts to Hope fund, Room & Board Endowment draw Endowment draw and/or gifts from donors, support from departments/deans As designated by the Provost's Office from general operating budgets of the college and, in some instances, endowment draws or transfers from other restricted funds.
Does this fund roll over from year to year? No Yes, until the end of term Yes Yes (until faculty member leaves Hope)
If so, when should I expect to see the endowment draw? Posts to operational income on a monthly basis) Each July after first year of appointment Endowment draw-May
Other funding- throughout the year
As the Provost's office designates (typically during the fall) and other transfers throughout the year
Can funds be used for student wages? Yes, if budgeted Yes Yes Yes
Can the funds be used for stipends? Yes, if budgeted Yes Yes No
What guidance is available? Expense & Resource Stewardship Policy Expense & Resource Stewardship Policy

Expense & Resource Stewardship Policy

Gift Use Agreements (check with Philanthropy)

Expense & Resource Stewardship Policy
Professional Development Fund Guidelines
Who is the primary approver? Various Endowed professor Department chair Faculty member
Who is the secondary approver? Various, but typically the Dean or Vice President Endowed professor's supervisor Dean or Vice Presient Dean