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Placing Holds

Circulating materials, such as books and DVDs, may be placed on hold.

What is a hold?

A hold is a request to borrow an item which is

  • Currently checked out to someone else
  • On the shelf at Van Wylen Library (we will retrieve it for you)
  • Available at another institution, such as the libraries in 

How do I place a hold?

Find the desired item in the  or  and use the Request This button. You will need your 1Hope login if you are student, faculty member or staff.

You should receive an email notice once the items are ready to pick up. You can also to see the status of requested items.

How long will items remain on the hold shelf for me?

Books will be held for seven days and media for three days.

Can I cancel a hold?

If you call the Circulation Desk  at 395-7905 or send an email to circ@hope.edu, we will cancel the hold for you. Alternatively, you can log into your and try cancelling it yourself.

The item I want is 鈥淥n Order.鈥 Can I put a hold on it?

Yes. These are materials that have been ordered but have not yet arrived. Please be aware that it may take a number of weeks or months for an 鈥淥n Order鈥 item to arrive.

What if the item I want isn鈥檛 in the library catalog or WorldCat?

Interlibrary Loan will help you obtain materials not available elsewhere, including journal articles. Just fill out the appropriate form and we'll get the item as quickly as possible. If you feel the item should be part of our permanent collection, you can also .