Dr. Zachary Williams

Assistant Professor of Physics
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Dr. Williams joined the Department of Physics at 六和合彩开奖记录 in fall 2019. His research is focused in the subfield of physics concerning the fourth state of matter, plasma. Plasmas are hot, electrically charged fluids that are found in nuclear fusion experiments and make up 99.99% of the normal matter that fills the universe. The study of plasmas has application in nuclear fusion energy, space physics and astrophysics. Dr. Williams has spent the majority of his career up to this point studying plasma turbulence in fusion confinement device through the use of computational and mathematical methods. His current interests are focused around using reduced mathematical models to better understand plasma tearing modes and magnetic reconnection, which play a significant role in fusion energy confinement and also are central to phenomenon of coronal mass ejections seen on the surface of the sun. Dr. Williams is excited to explore these topics with the bright and energetic students at Hope. 

Dr. Williams also has a passion in effective physics education and enjoys teaching topics across the physics curriculum (though electricity and magnetism will always be his favorite). He is thrilled to be at a place like Hope College that places such a strong emphasis on personalized interaction between students and faculty. Dr. Williams also serves as the faculty adviser for the College's Society of Physics students and always welcomes any opportunity to geek out with students that have an interest in physics.

Areas of expertise

  • Gyrokinetic modeling of fusion plasmas
  • Turbulence theory and computation
  • Reduced models of plasma turbulence


  • Ph.D., physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2019
  • B.S., physics, University of Central Florida, 2013

Honors, Grants & Awards

  • Michigan Space Grant Consortium Seed Grant, 鈥淓xamining Reduced Model Descriptions of Tearing Modes in Solar Plasmas,鈥 2020鈥2021

Published work

  • 鈥,鈥 with M.J. Pueschel et al., Nuclear Fusion, 2020
  • 鈥,鈥 with T. Nishizawa et al., Physical Review Letters, 2019
  • 鈥,鈥 with T. Nishizawa et al., Physical Review Letters, 2018
  • 鈥,鈥 with J.R. Duff et al., Physics of Plasmas, 2018
  • 鈥,鈥 with M.J. Pueschel, P.W. Terry and T. Hauff, Physics of Plasmas, 2017

Outside the College

Dr. Williams enjoys having fun with friends, playing ultimate frisbee, card games, making music, appreciating craft beverages and hiking through nature. And, of course, consuming science fiction and fantasy in whatever form he can find it.

Profile photo of Dr. Zachary Williams
Dr. Zachary Williams

Phone Number616.395.6705

VanderWerf Hall Room 217A 27 Graves Place Holland, MI 49423
VanderWerf Hall Room 217A 27 Graves Place Holland MI 49423