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Health Dynamics

The purpose of Health Dynamics is to help students understand the principles of exercise, proper diet, stress management, and to establish habits and skills that will enable them to reach and maintain good health and fitness for life.

This requirement addresses the behavioral way of knowing about one鈥檚 body and one鈥檚 health.

Associated Student Learning Outcomes

Health Dynamics will introduce the following learning outcomes:

1. Examine fundamental or emerging questions about humanity, the natural world, or God by seeking answers through different modes of inquiry.

5. Analyze evidence or data to solve problems, reach informed conclusions or make sound judgements.

KIN 140 (2 credits)

This course will emphasize the importance of good health, a healthy diet, the value of exercise, and the ability to manage stress, thus seeking to develop patterns that will serve each student for life. Health Dynamics should be taken in the first year of a student's academic program.