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After Graduation

Our graduates attend graduate school and have successful careers as professional dance performers, choreographers and directors, dance teachers, doctors, researchers, engineers and more.

We love to hear from our dance alumni. Let us know what you鈥檙e up to! Email dance@hope.edu to share new jobs, family news and more.

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Alumni Testimonies

Andi Yost Giardina 鈥20

I'm very lucky to be utilizing both of my degrees at this time 鈥 my business degree as a fellowship programs coordinator at the University of Utah鈥檚 Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital and my dance degree as a freelancing dancer and aerialist where I have the privilege of working with productions companies such as Voodoo Productions, JOYMOB, Cirque Orienda and others! 

鈥淢y time in the Hope College dance department taught me immense adaptability which has been invaluable in both of my job ventures!鈥

Janae Hanson 鈥21

Currently a full-time dance teacher in San Antonio, Texas. Traveling nationwide, I鈥檝e judged, directed and emceed dance competitions, forging connections from diverse places. In the near future, I will be relocating to Chicago to continue my career as a dance educator! 

鈥淚 take immense pride in being an alum of the Hope College dance department. The incredible faculty played a pivotal role in developing my talents and instilling the self-assurance needed to pursue dance as a full-time career. Their commitment to providing top-notch instruction, consistent encouragement and genuine concern for their students鈥 well-being has left a lasting impact on me. I now find myself regularly passing these things onto my own students, paying forward the invaluable lessons I received during my time at Hope College.鈥

Vivien Mickels 鈥22听
Currently in her second season with Dance Kaleidoscope, a modern dance company in Indianapolis.
鈥淚 really couldn鈥檛 have asked for a better education to prepare me for my dance career; the dance department at Hope exposed me to so many things that have proven valuable in all aspects of my work. The training I received in ballet and modern dance made me a strong dancer in my chosen field, and the class environment helped me to acclimate to a fast-paced and demanding company setting. I also gained skills in other styles of dance, history, choreography and pedagogy that helped me to secure dance teaching positions. The dance department also gave me such great opportunities to boost my resume and to gain diverse experiences that I might not have gotten elsewhere, such as student dance showcases, study abroad experiences and work experience with technical crafts. I really can鈥檛 say enough complimentary things about this department!鈥
Ashley Zardus 鈥21听

Currently the director of the dance program at Novi Community School District.

鈥溋秃喜士奔锹 dance department truly prepared me well for my current position. While the classes, guest artists and performance opportunities offered through the department were all beneficial, the faculty is what makes the experiences impactful. The dance department faculty create purposeful personable relationships with their students and aid in providing opportunities for growth towards their specific career goals. My mentors provided opportunities to further my dance education through field placements in surrounding schools/studios, networking with other dance teachers at national conferences, and professional performances throughout Michigan and the country. These mentors gave me unique experiences that prepared me for my position as a public school dance teacher and the mentors continue to play an active role by providing encouragement, support and guidance. 
Fara Ling 鈥23听听

Current a company member with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company 2.

鈥淢y professors鈥 care, advice and commitment to my progress enabled me to become the artist I am today. Thanks to the production staff and Jayma, I am also equipped to mend a costume, call places, run lights and release tight muscles! My growth in physical ability, artistic skill and confidence and versatility in the industry is a direct result of the people and experiences the dance department gave me.鈥

Liv Panozzo

Right now I'm taking on small gigs for short films, music videos and picking up a random performance here and there as far as dance stuff goes. I also am working on an AV team and have found a deep love for event production and media production. I鈥檓 also teaching at a local dance studio a few times a week, and that is filling me up with the most joy these days. 

鈥淗ope Dance Department offers pedagogy classes, history classes, technique classes and more. I inherited a wealth of information from these academic spaces and it has informed my teaching style, my choreography and my ability to perform at such a high level on demand. However, the most valuable and relevant teachings were given to me through individual attention by a few professors who personally invested in my education not just as a dancer but as a person. I have Matthew Farmer, Crystal Frazier, Sharon Wong and so many more to thank for helping develop my character in a way that stands out positively in the entertainment industry, and all other industries as well.鈥
Emma Scannell

I recently relocated to do the same in Las Vegas.

鈥淗ope provided me with the grit and determination necessary to make a space for myself in the entertainment industry鈥

Brenden Trojan 鈥23

I am a mover/maker with Whirlwind Dance Company in Columbus, Ohio. I am also teaching at Dublin Dance Center in Ohio and will potentially choreograph for their hip hop ensemble and perform magic for their many weekly birthday parties. Also, since graduating my magic has exploded performing weekly in multiple states and when I move to Ohio, I will continue to pursue magic as well.

鈥淚n regards to Hope College preparing me for what I am doing today is that Hope let me pursue my passions. Every professor at college, in the dance department or not, saw that I had the love for both magic and dance and gave me the time, space and guidance to develop both of these. From allowing me to choreograph on StrikeTime, college and middle school students to teaching and putting on magic shows in the dance department, all of these experiences developed who I am and made the things I am doing today possible. There is so much I could say, but truly the professors gave the space and guidance to let me develop into the artist and human being I am today.鈥

Greta Sorensen 鈥22

I just spent seven months at Escola Luthier in Barcelona participating in the advanced professional tap dance program. When I get back to my hometown of Des Plaines, IL, I plan on getting involved in the Chicago tap dance community and will pursue tap dance performance.

鈥淚 can definitely say that graduating from the Hope dance department prepared me for the professional world. Of course, it鈥檚 almost impossible to be fully prepared for life after college, but I was equipped with a lot of tools from my time at the Hope dance department. I have a dance reel, resume, headshot and website that would help me book jobs. My resume is filled with performance experience that was made possible by the professional faculty. I have connections with the faculty, alumni and current students, which is invaluable in this art form. I am very thankful to Hope Dance for guiding me and training my body and mind for whatever my future brings.鈥

Rachel Peterson 鈥17

Currently owner of four dance studios in South Dakota.

Alumni Accomplishments By Decade

  • Jaunine Hackmon 鈥16 recently accepted a position with AmeriCorps and will be working at CultureWorks Institute for Creative Arts over the next 12 months.
  • Nathan Rommel 鈥16 is a dancer for Giordano II Dance Chicago.
  • Maribeth Van Hecke 鈥16 was invited to join Inlet Dance Theatre鈥檚 Apprenticeship and Trainee program as a protege in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Kelsey Baker 鈥14 is a studying to be a Doctor of Physical Therapy at University of Illinois at Chicago and is expecting to graduate in 2018.
  • Amanda Beck 鈥14 is taking a gap year working for the summer science camps and will be applying for dental schools.
  • Claire Call 鈥14 is beginning my third season as a company member of DDCdances (Detroit Dance Collective), and is in her second year as Director of DDC鈥檚 creative dance company for children, LEAP. She also teaches ballet, modern, and jazz at two dance studios in the metro Detroit area: Borgo School of Dance and Jeannie Zimbalatti鈥檚 School of Dance, along with finishing all the RYT-200 training requirements to become a registered yoga teacher.
  • Allison Campbell 鈥14 will pursue a master鈥檚 degree in occupational therapy at Midwestern University.
  • Kaitlyn Holmwood 鈥14 will be working with Teach for American in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as an elementary school teacher for the next two years.
  • Jordan Ippolito 鈥14 is dancing with Opera North鈥檚 production of Evita! in Lebanon, NH. She is in the ensemble as well as serving as dance captain.
  • Jamie Kreindler 鈥14(dance/psychology) served in El Menzel, Morocco, where she spent two years working at a youth center and implementing activities such as a Model United Nations club, reading initiatives for kids and business programs for young adults. She went on to volunteer with grassroots arts organization in Sefrou, working on cinema events and art projects at the local hospital.
  • Capri Schwartz 鈥14 is an Administrative Director at URWINNER, Inc.
  • Sarah Rolain 鈥14 is dancing with Jon Lehrer Dance in Buffalo, New York.
  • Tara Snyder 鈥14 is the rehearsal/production assistant for Thodos Dance Chicago.
  • Kirsten VanReenen 鈥14 is now patient care coordinator for Walgreens.
  • Jennifer Yerks 鈥14 is pursuing a master鈥檚 degree in dance movement therapy at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Amber Banks 鈥13 will be teaching second grade in the Spanish Immersion program at Northpointe Christian Schools.
  • Elizabeth Bisinger 鈥13 will attend Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois, in a program titled, 鈥淪piritual Formation and Discipleship.鈥
  • Jillian Black 鈥13 will pursue a Master of Social Work degree at Loyola University of Chicago
  • Lydia Dawson 鈥13 has been casted in Broadway鈥檚 Mamma Mia in New York City.
  • Jessica Breslin 鈥13 is a mobilizing assistant intern with Sojourners in Washington, D.C.
  • Ariana Cappuccitti 鈥13 is dancing with Goodman Theatre in Chicago.
  • Kelsey Carpenter 鈥13 is working as a fitness instructor for a franchise in Columbus, Ohio, called Barre3, and she is also substitute teaching for a private school called Wellington.
  • Rachel Cho 鈥13 has been accepted to Wayne State School of Medicine beginning fall 2013.
  • Daniel Clark 鈥13 was hired on as a campus life intern at West Michigan Youth for Christ, working with the students at Jenison (Michigan) High School.
  • Kaely Spisak 鈥13 is living and working in Portland, Oregon, and is about to begin her second season dancing with Vitality Dance Collective.
  • Jamie Hinds 鈥13 is currently in Naperville, Illinois, teaching ballroom dance at My Dance Hub; she is also working up to competing professionally with her partner, Nicolas Rodriguez, and is studying under Jaana Lillemagi.
  • Melissa Meyer 鈥13 will be student teaching in Naperville, Illinois.
  • Hannah Stewart 鈥13 will be interning at Massdi Community Church in Cairo, Egypt. In the fall she will be teaching dance classes at Wilton Dance Studio in Wilton, Connecticut.
  • Erin Wilhelmi 鈥13 received a Fullbright award to teach English in Argentina.
  • Adrianne Brown 鈥12 is a special education teacher at Grand Haven Area Public Schools
  • Ashley Burns 鈥12 was accepted as an apprentice for Inaside Chicago Dance, performing with them in December. Her choreographic work has also been performed by Inaside. She has also been performing with fellow-alum, Zach Porter.
  • Elena Caruthers 鈥12 currently pursuing a Ph.D. in biomechanics at the Ohio State University.
  • Hope Lofgren-Schmidt 鈥12 has accepted a teaching English position in Korea. She will be living in the Haeundae district of Busan for at least one year.
  • Michael Parmelee 鈥12 received the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Award and will be pursuing his MFA in dance at the University of Michigan beginning fall 2014.
  • Jillian Rice 鈥12 is a birth doula at Shining Light Prenatal Education.
  • Heather Stiff 鈥12 is a fourth-year medical student at Ohio State University who found out in January that she matched her number-one choice and a top-10 program for her ophthalmology residency, the University of Iowa.
  • Helen Zoerhof 鈥12 is a full company member with J. Lindsay Brown Dance, and has also performed as a guest artist for CoreProject Chicago. In May, she performed the role of a space alien named the Astronomid in Christine Hand鈥檚 The Chromanauts, an evening-length work in collaboration with visual and sound artist John Mosher. Helen performed in Megan Beseth鈥檚 work 鈥淣ight Court鈥 for the Going Dutch Festival in July.
  • Jennifer Muisenga 鈥12 has been accepted into the M.A. Dance Education program at University of North Carolina, Greensboro.
  • Linelly Olmeda-Santos 鈥12 is currently starting a dance studio, Lakeshore Danceworks, in the Holland area to offer affordable dance classes for children and adults. She is also starting a dance/movement therapy and creative movement program for children in foster care after receiving a grant from The Pollination Project. And she offers dance/movement therapy to adults with special needs at Benjamin鈥檚 Hope.
  • Molly Vass 鈥12 is currently teaching dance classes and substitute teaching in several school districts in NW Indiana as well as choreographing a production of Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso. She is also a company member of a new tap company under the direction of Kendra Jorstad called jorsTAP Chicago, taking dance classes around Chicago, and will soon be featured on the blog page of Audible Odyssey.
  • Danielle Wilder 鈥12 is dancing on tour with musician, Shuree.
  • Sarah Brotherton 鈥11 is dancing with Earthen Vessels Sandra Organ Dance Company and teaching at Chara Christian Dance Academy, West University Dance Centre and The Village School as the preschool through 8th grade dance teacher. She teaches the P.E. Pull Out Dance Program, After School Dance Program and the Dance Team. Her dance team will be performing at the pre-game show for the Houston Rockets, and she is writing their curriculum for a dance program.
  • Mary Cantor 鈥11 is a character performer at Walt Disney World.
  • Kristin Nelson 鈥11 is a member of Perptual Motion Dance Company in Chicago.
  • Arye Shannon Carmichael 鈥11 is a dance teacher at Ellington Academy of Arts and Technology in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and a dancer teacher at Belle Etoile Studio of Dance in Zeeland, Michigan.
  • Emily Henry 鈥11 has just published a novel, The Love That Split the World.
  • Sarah Russo 鈥11 is a Community Events Manager at Kitchfix.
  • Anne Willmert 鈥11 has been hired to teach dance at Warsaw High School.
  • Casie Copeland 鈥10 is a full time first grade teacher in a small town just outside of Indianapolis. She also teaches dance two nights a week, and started a modern dance program at a studio outside of Indianapolis.
  • Colleen Creamer 鈥10 is performing and teaching with Vitorio Dance Company, a sacred dance company in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Alissa Tollefson 鈥10 is dancing professionally with Thodos Dance Chicago, a contemporary dance company. She just finished playing Anne Sullivan in A Light in the Dark: The Story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan.
  • Katie Horton 鈥10 has accepted an apprenticeship with LehrerDance Company in Buffalo, New York.
  • Jessica Van Voorst 鈥10 is a dance teacher at the Academy in the Woods in Fraser, Michigan. She is also dance teacher/choreographer at Swing City Dance Studio and dance teacher/choreographer at Theresa鈥檚 Academy of Dance.
  • Katherine Moore 鈥10 teaches yoga at Triomph Fitness, Health & Wellness.
  • Ryann Norris 鈥10 has accepted a summer internship with American Dance Festival.
  • Zach Porter 鈥10 is serving as program director of dance for a local Chicago suburbs YMCA. He is also teaching dance to underprivileged children. He has also started his own business called 鈥淒ance Like Zach,鈥 which helps bring clean water to Haiti and Honduras. For every (1) person that decides to join the movement and spread the love we send out one (1) water filter.
  • Cydney Remy 鈥10 will continue student teaching with the Zeeland Dance Program and will teach at Zeeland Recreation this summer.
  • Courtney St. Clair 鈥10 was accepted in the Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling graduate program at Columbia College, Chicago, and received Columbia鈥檚 Department Merit Award.
  • Jessica Wagoner 鈥10 is dancing alongside alum, Jessi Yokas, in Poetic Rebound Performance Company, a small company in Iowa City, Iowa.
  • Sarah Wander 鈥10 is doing administrative work in customer service and accounting for their Joffrey鈥檚 Academy of Dance.
  • Karolyn Burke 鈥09 is living in Dayton, Ohio, and performing with Xclaim dance company
  • Jennifer Fait 鈥09 will be a Radio City Rockette in Boston, Massachusetts, beginning fall 2010
  • Lindsey Ferguson 鈥09 performed in Dancing Queen with Spirit Productions at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Canada. She has also been seen in Samsung鈥檚 NX Mini camera web advertisements. In August, she performed with The Illusionists on America鈥檚 Got Talent at Radio City Music Hall. Lindsey is making her Broadway debut in December with the show The Illusionists at the Marquis Theatre followed by an 11-month national tour
  • Lauren Knowles 鈥09 is teaching dance in Midland, Texas
  • Laura Malpass 鈥09 has become a full company member of Moving Arts in San Francisco, California, spring 2010
  • Emily Baker 鈥09 of Durham, North Carolina, is the residence coordinator of Duke University
  • Shauna Masura 鈥09 of Rolling Meadows, Illinois, has left for the Philippines to begin preservice training for two years of service as an English-education Peace Corps volunteer
  • Anna Pillot 鈥09 is in training in Montreal on swinging trapeze as she prepares to audition for circus schools in February 2012. Swinging trapeze has a very small market, and the skill level is extremely high
  • Megan Pitzer 鈥09 is completing her first year of clinical in PT in Corpus Christi, Texas, as she continues graduate studies at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Megan Probst 鈥09 is an intern with Holland Area Arts Council, planning summer classes, organizing their fall schedule and assisting with marketing
  • Sarah Gonzales 鈥09 is a dance history lecturer at the University of New Mexico, director of the pre-professional program and core teacher of ballet at Keshet Dance Company, and grants administrator for the National Institute of Flamenco
  • Carrie Brandis 鈥08 is performing with Nacre in upstate New York
  • Julie Marie Carrico 鈥08 has been accepted to Columbia College to pursue a two-year master鈥檚 program in performing arts management. She is also teaching, taking classes and doing arts administration work at Joel Hall Dancers and Center
  • Prudence Dees 鈥08 has been accepted to the elevate dance company apprenticeship program course at Springs Dance Company in London, United Kingdom. Springs Dance Company is a London-based contemporary dance company that tours nationally and internationally. They perform and teach original work which challenges people鈥檚 perspectives on life and the way we live it
  • Kendra Helmkamp 鈥08 of Clermont, Florida, is teaching third grade at Oakland Avenue Charter School
  • Kali Hess 鈥08 is a professional dancer for an NBA team, is performing with the Davis Contemporary Dance Company, a professional jazz and contemporary dance company, as well as teaching dance
  • Adam Jonkman 鈥08 after 16 years has completed duty with the Michigan Army National Guard鈥檚 1073rd Maintenance Company and is teaching the next generation of dancers at Ballet Etc. Dance Institute in Traverse City, Michigan.
  • Emma Rainwater 鈥08 is teaching English in Korea to 3rd through 6th graders
  • Pamela Rexius 鈥08 is teaching dance to 6th through 8th grade and P.E. to kindergarten鈥3rd graders at Orozco Community Academy in Pilsen, Illinois
  • Lindsay Roberts 鈥08 is currently living in New York City pursuing a career in performance and presentation in work
  • Emily Rose 鈥08 is currently a student at the Cortiva Institute Chicago School of Massage Therapy
  • Erin Schumaker 鈥08 is working for the Green Hills School of Dance in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Ann Snow 鈥08 just completed her course work for a master鈥檚 in dance therapy at Columbia in Chicago. She is currently working on her thesis: Discovering the Crossroads Between Dance and Dance/Movement Therapy Through the Process of Intentional Self-Reflection: A Heuristic Study. She also works with a children鈥檚 musical theatre as choreographer and director
  • Lauren Sparks 鈥08 is dancing as a main character in the parades for Walt Disney World in Florida
  • Jenna Witten 鈥08 is working for Herman Miller as an associate product manager in the marketing department
  • Sommer Amundsen 鈥07 is attending Kansas University in the bioengineering graduate program. She is involved in multidisciplinary research developing effective physical therapies for people with Parkinson鈥檚 disease, and she has helped design a tool to be used in spine surgery
  • Jennifer Blank 鈥07 currently lives in the Columbus, Ohio, area and works as director of major gifts at Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
  • Rebecca Bombard 鈥07 is serving as the secretary for the Dance Foundation in Barrington Hills, Illinois, and Gala Ball Committee Chair woman for their Tuscan Ball held at the Sanfilippo Estate
  • Joshua Cummings 鈥07 is working as a financial counselor and a graduate student at Loyola University in Chicago
  • Lauren Grumm 鈥07 is living in Washington, D.C., where she volunteers her time teaching tap classes to at-risk students at the Anacostia Gracious Arts Program
  • Sharon Watson 鈥07 moved to Colorado with her husband for his schooling and taught pre-school for a while. She now has a 10-month-old son. She also leads a very small and informal dance ministry at her church. Her husband will be joining the Navy within the next month, and isn鈥檛 sure where they鈥檒l be off to after that. She hopes to continue being involved with dance wherever she goes
  • Laurie Parker 鈥07 has been accepted into the master鈥檚 program for occupational therapy at Grand Valley University
  • Amanda Piagnarelli 鈥07 is co-director of Midwest Edge Dance Academy in Naperville, Illinois
  • Krista Stanton 鈥07 is furthering her education at Des Moines University for osteopathic medicine
  • Erin Whaley 鈥07 dances with 鈥渟tbdance鈥 and until recently with the Jay-Son Tisa Dance Company
  • Kristi Wilkins 鈥07 of Holland, Michigan, opened Body and Soul Movement Arts in April 2011
  • Jillian Allen 鈥06 of Scottsdale, Arizona, is a creative and account manager at Ignite Creative Services
  • Emily Ellis-Liang 鈥06 has developed and created an educational nonprofit dance company called rePUBLIC of daNCEe set to open June 2014 in Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Jessica Mumford 鈥06 is a research assistant in the Arts Media Technology program at ASU
  • Peter Hammer 鈥06 is dancing as a company member with 鈥淛ump Rhythm Jazz鈥 and working with GrubHub Seamless
  • Paula Grahmann 鈥06 is working in Chicago performing with Joel Hall Dance Company
  • Amanda Gardynik 鈥06 is working at Battle Creek Central High School as their fine arts coordinator and elementary dance teacher
  • Ashley Perez 鈥06 is teaching English and dance at the School of the Arts in Rochester, New York, and working on her master鈥檚 in education and special Education
  • Jamie Ward 鈥06 is teaching dance at Hightower High School in Houston, Texas
  • Julia Wylie 鈥06 is presenting the 2nd annual Miracle Dancer concert on February 7, 2009, in Dublin, Ohio.
  • Sona Smith 鈥06 is living in Chicago, working for the non-profit organization After School Matters, and pursuing her master鈥檚 degree at Walden University
  • Madeline Crist 鈥05 is living in Chicago and working for the social service agency, Heartland Alliance. She is also a certified yoga instructor
  • Dawn Koop 鈥05 of Seattle, Washington, is currently a resident physician in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Washington
  • Sarah Gardner 鈥05 is in her 3rd year of medical school in Philadelphia
  • Amanda Gardynik 鈥05 received her M.A. in education from Spring Arbor University and now serves as dance director for River Oaks Middle School-Dorchester 2, in North Charleston, South Carolina
  • Clarissa Gregory 鈥05 is making stop-motion animation, performances, paintings and installations in the interdisciplinary graduate program at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Alison Rickey 鈥05 has been admitted into the counseling program at Northern Arizona University
  • Dolores Sanchez 鈥05 is adjunct dance faculty at Pace University teaching tap and is currently performing with Chloe Arnold鈥檚 Company in New York City, New York, 鈥淎partment 33鈥
  • Teresa VanDenend Sorge 鈥05 is a full time visiting lecturer at Muhlenberg College in Allentown. She received her MFA from Temple University in 2010
  • Cynthia Bachhuber 鈥04 is Archivist for a major professional contemporary dance company in New York, New York
  • Katie Budris 鈥04 is dancing professionally with The Lady Hoofers, Philadelphia鈥檚 premier all-female tap ensemble, for which she also choreographs and serves as assistant director. Her choreography was selected for performance at the 2013 DanceUSA Conference
  • Kathleen Davenport 鈥04 has graduated from her sports medicine fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery and has started working with Preferred Orthopedics of the Palm Beaches in Bynton Beach, Florida. Through that practice, she is working with Miami City Ballet and other local dancers and athletes. Kathleen was recently appointed to the executive board for the Dance/USA Task Force on Dancer Health.
  • Matthew Farmer 鈥04 is a faculty member of the Hope College dance department
  • Colette Harris 鈥04 performed professionally on European and Mediterranean Cruise Ships. She lived in Las Vegas where she spent a year in Jubilee! as a showgirl/dancer, was a magician鈥檚 assistant/dancer in Dirk Arthur: Extreme Magic, and now is dancing as a vampire in the show Bite. She is currently planning to pursue her MFA.
  • Jessica Honeysett 鈥04 is a giving assistant for an Education Network in New York, New York
  • Timothy Heck 鈥04 is with the cast of Sleep No More in New York City
  • Lindsay Howes 鈥04 Husted is currently teaching French in Boise, Idaho. She danced for the NBA-D league Idaho Stampede for two years before teaching French and continue to take dance classes in the area.
  • Tara Mistry 鈥04 is living with her husband, Clinton, in Cairo, Egypt, where she teaches first grade. She just finished her master鈥檚 in teaching and learning with specialization in curriculum and instruction at Nova Southeastern University.
  • Lindsey Townsend 鈥04 is teaching high school mathematics in Aurora, Illinois, and is the head dance team coach and musical choreographer
  • Abby Whitenight 鈥04 is teaching music and dance for an elementary school in Hudsonville, Michigan
  • Carla Prescott 鈥03 is dancing professionally with a project company in Calgary, Canada
  • Noelle Davids 鈥03 teaches in the North Carolina school system
  • Amanda Drozer 鈥03 is studying dance in New York City and performing with two small companies
  • Mary Dunlap 鈥03 is teaching creative movement for the Fine Arts PreSchool of a performing arts school in Michigan
  • Helen Meronek 鈥03 is teaching for a high school in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Amanda Olson 鈥03 is teaching dance in the Chicago school system
  • Misheaila Neil 鈥02 is director of performing arts programming for Elmira College, New York
  • Matt Stehle 鈥02 is dancing with a key professional dance company in Detroit, Michigan
  • Charlotte VanCoeverden 鈥02 is a sales manager digital at Mediahuis Belgie
  • Jennifer Yoh 鈥02 is performing professionally with a sacred dance company in Houston, Texas
  • Kelly Buwalda 鈥01 performs with professional dance companies in New York City
  • Laurie Chalifaux 鈥01 has been promoted to assistant professor of anesthesiology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois
  • Anne Houseworth 鈥01 is teaching dance and music in the Chicago Public School System
  • Jodi Wickersheimer 鈥01 of Chicago, Illinois, has been promoted to assistant vice president for development and annual giving at Roosevelt University
  • Christy Lutz 鈥01 is a dancer for a professional contemporary dance company in Chicago, Illinois
  • Angela Lee Leete 鈥01 of Traverse City, Michigan, is a primary medical social worker at the Munson Dialysis Clinic
  • Hilary Peterson 鈥01 is an assistant professor and coordinator of dance for Southeast Missourri State University
  • Emily Poel 鈥01 received a second Congressional Scholarship for participation in the Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals, allowing her to live and study in Germany. She was an intern in the Tanzfabrik in Berlin and is currently performing professionally and working with key choreographers in Berlin, Germany.
  • Amy Vertalka 鈥01 is teaching dance in the Owosso Public School system in Michigan while completing her master鈥檚 in literacy
  • Angella Huddleston 鈥00 dances, choreographs and is artistic director for a professional sacred dance company in Houston, Texas. She was recently awarded her MFA from the University of Maryland
  • Philip Leete 鈥00 teaches at West Senior High School in Traverse City, Michigan, and serves as artistic director for Michigan Dance Collective
  • Caroline June 鈥99 is currently the owner of Just Dance! Studios and the founder/director of Straits Area Dance Company in St. Ignace, Michigan
  • Jill Donehoo-Landes 鈥99 teaches dance at the middle school and high school in Zeeland, Michigan. She served as a song judge for the college鈥檚 76th annual Nykerk Cup Competition at the Holland Civic Center
  • Jennifer Karr 鈥99 is working with Jennifer Muller/The Works, a New York City based professional dance company, as well as other small companies around the city. She is a certified personal trainer working on specialty certifications in yoga and pilates. She also teaches dance and choreographs throughout New York at several performing arts centers in Westchester County.
  • Sarah Hegg 鈥99 is working as a clinical psychologist in Traverse City, Michigan
  • Melissa Altobelli 鈥98 teaches dance at community college in Michigan
  • Erin Daly 鈥98 is working on her Ph.D. in clinical psychology, specializing in movement therapy, at a college in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Amand Fry Eldred 鈥98 is the new sales coordinator for the Kalamazoo County (Michigan) Expo Center and Fairground
  • Kirsten Heinrich 鈥98 is performing professionally with the San Diego Ballet in San Diego, California
  • Anna Resele 鈥98 is currently an English and dance teacher at Creative Arts ALC with the St. Paul Public Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Jessica VanOort 鈥98 is completing a Ph.D. in dance at a university in Pennsylvania
  • Nathanael Buckley 鈥97 is working with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet in New York. He and his wife Alison live in Astoria, Queens, New York.
  • Sandra Federico 鈥97 is living in Alabama teaching dance in the Huntsville City Schools
  • Nicole Flinn 鈥97 created a K鈥12 dance program including curriculum for the Owosso school district in Michigan. She is currently on faculty at Hope College.
  • Jonathan Fly 鈥97 has joined Richardson Harman Ober PC, a Pasadena, California, real estate business and community association law firm. His focus is on homeowners association law and real estate transactions.
  • Jodi James 鈥97 is an assistant research professor in dance and computation with the Arts, Media and Engineering program at Arizona State University
  • Ellen Tomer 鈥97 for the past two years has been working full-tie for the Department of Veterans Affairs on the national caregiver support line, helping caregivers and veterans access support, services and benefits. She is also dancing with two modern dance companies in the Rochester area: Biodance and Present Tense Dance.
  • Jennifer Norder 鈥96 is the artistic director with the West Michigan Youth ballet in Ada, Michigan
  • Brenda Benedict Saban 鈥95 is living and working in Corona, California
  • Carrie Borchers 鈥95 participated in a department of physchology alumni panel co-sponsored by career services and the department of psychology at Hope. The goal of the event was to demonstrate through Q & A to current students the variety and depths of careers a psychology degree from Hope can facilitate. She reports that it was great to be vack on campus in the 鈥渘ew鈥 science center 鈥 far more sophisticated than the Peale Science Center of her tenure. She especialy enjoyed seeing her undergrad advisor and mentor, Dr. Shaughnessy, and catching up with Dr. Roehling.
  • Kathleen Treasure 鈥95 of Schereville, Indiana, is the dance director at the Academy for the Performing Arts in Hammond, Indiana. She teaches and choreographs theater productions and APA Dance Ensemble.
  • Katherine Zink 鈥94 has been accepted into the counseling master鈥檚 degree program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  • Amy de Sa 鈥94 lives in Denver, Colorado. She is the owner of Pilates Denver Studio and BASI Pilates faculty, teaches pilates and pilates teacher training courses in the U.S. and abroad, including China, Japan, Australia and Brazil. She has danced professionally and taught with modern dance companies in Chicago and Denver.
  • Elizabeth de Moraes 鈥93 has recently published Thrive Again: Simple Strategies to Time Out, Time In and Tone Up Your Life.
  • Katherine Vickers 鈥93 is a certified yoga instructor in Washington, D.C., Her clients include major political figures and diplomats.
  • William Crowley 鈥92 of Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, is the Artistic Director of his company, Next Step Dance. Next Step Dance launched Nexus: Educational Programming Series, offering master classes, intensives, guest artist residencies and lecture/demonstrations focusing on contemporary dance within the context and tradition of the Graham Technique. In the fall of 2013, William was guest artist in residence for the department of dance at Hope, where he presented the lecture 鈥淏eyond the Labyrinth: The Dance Legacy of Martha Graham,鈥 held an audition and adjudicated student choregraphed dance works
  • Christy Guth-Ross 鈥92 is co-artistic director and dance faculty for "Time to Shine" Center for the Performing Arts, located in Pent, Florida. The center offers dance, music, theater and fitness classes.
  • Heather Winia 鈥91 is the owner of +Fit 4 Life. She participated in the recent Children鈥檚 After School Achievement (CASA) program where she encouraged the young students to exercise and get creative in movement through three sessions of 鈥淕roovin鈥 WIth Kids.鈥
  • Terri Filips 鈥91 is a professor of dance at a University in Buffalo, New York
  • Patti Stegink-Villanueva 鈥91 has been named ballet mistress at the Children鈥檚 Ballet Theatre of Michigan. She has been the reptiteur and rehearsal assistant for CBT for the past nine years. She is also a prfessional member and teacher with Happendance.
  • Stephanie Brooks 鈥90 of Evanston, Illinois, has joined the Northeast Illinois Council of The Boy Scouts of America as associate development and marketing director in Highland Park, Illinois. The NEIC supports more than 17,000 youth in Northeast Illinois.
  • John North 鈥86 of Wakefield, Rhode Island, recently returned to the east coast, where his career in the arts began. He is assistant director for dance the The Hartt Community Division of the University of Hartford. He has worked in performance, choreography and arts administration since he graduated from Hope.
  • Karen Wuertz-Bhaskar 鈥86 is a medical doctor in Beloit, Wisconsin
  • Kathy Kaehler 鈥85 is an aerobics instructor, choreographer, teacher and private trainer for Hollywood and Los Angeles high society. She has a television show in the Los Angeles area and has made many videos, which have sold worldwide.
  • Kim Karpanty 鈥85 is a performer, teacher and choreographer across the United States and has a professional dance company called Traversity. She has finished her MFA at Arizona State University and is an assistant professor of dance at a major university in Ohio. Kim was an award recipient in the professional division of the Arizona statewide choreographers鈥檆ompetition. She is an Associate Editor for The IADMS Bulletin for Teachers with International Association for Dance Medicine and Science
  • John Fanthorpe 鈥83 has developed his own Farm Bureau Insurance agency in the Grand Rapids area. He has won many national sales awards from Farm Bureau of America.
  • Rosemary Nadolsky 鈥75 of Chicago, IL recorded a CD of French children鈥檚 songs, La Voix en Rose, available online and directly through her. She is also reconding a second one in French and a third in Spanish. The Chicago Tribune named Rosemary one of 鈥淐hicago鈥檚 10 Best Children鈥檚 Musicians.鈥