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Fall 2023 Registration Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for courses to take based on the highest-numbered course you will have completed after spring 2023.

Please note that due to sabbaticals, a couple of changes have been made to the 2023–24 course schedule:

  • CSCI 336, Computer Security, will be offered Spring ’24 instead of Fall ’23
  • CSCI 354, Operating Systems, will be offered Fall ’23 instead of Spring ’24.
No Computer Science, or only 112/195

You should sign up for Loading... . In this course, you'll learn the basics of object-oriented programming using the Java programming language. No prior programming experience is assumed. (Note: this course was previously CSCI 225).

If your schedule permits and you have not already taken it, you can also sign up for Loading... .

CSCI 125

You can sign up for Loading... or Loading... . 235 is a continuation of learning to program using Java, while 245 focuses on several other languages, so you'll probably find it easier to continue on with 235. It's not recommended that you sign up for both of these courses at the same time, however. 245 is only offered in the fall semester, while 235 will also be offered in the spring.  

If your schedule permits and you have not already taken it, you should also sign up for Loading... .

Csci 235

You should sign up for Loading... . You can also consider signing up for Loading... . Some students have found it difficult to complete both of these courses concurrently, while others have been successful doing so. You should talk with your advisor or any computer science faculty member who knows you to help you decide what's best for you.

CSCI 361 (Programming Language Design & Implementation) requires both CSCI 235 and CSCI 245 as pre-requisites, so if you need to take 361 in Spring 2024, you'll need to ensure you've completed both pre-requisite classes. 

You can also pair Loading... with CSCI 245.  

CSCI 245

You should take Loading... . You can also sign up for Loading... if you have not yet had that course.

You can consider taking one of the 300-level courses ( Loading... or Loading... in addition to 255, but you might find this challenging. Talk with your academic advisor or a computer science faculty member who knows you to decide if this would be a good idea for you.

If you plan to graduate before December 2025 and need one of these 300 level classes, you should take them in Fall 2023 since they are every other year courses.

Completed all 200-level courses

If you've already completed 225, 235, 245 and 255, you should sign up for one or both of the 300-level courses, which are Loading... , and Loading...

If you haven't yet completed Loading... , you must do so before completing any of the 300-level courses.

Students planning to graduate during the 2023–24 academic year
You must sign up for Loading... .  You will also be required to take Loading... in Spring 2024.  

We also recommend these courses from other departments if you have room in your schedule: